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The editing process is crucial for any published writing. Whether you need simple proofreading for grammar and punctuation or revision of an entire manuscript, your project deserves to be polished and professional. 


Your interior book design and cover should fit the goals of your book genre. We format your fully edited manuscript in a design that balances creativity, readability, and the standards of the industry. Our book covers will attract the reader's eye, reflect genre, and best represent you and your book. 


Our services include a collaborative book publishing package that includes editing and proofreading, cover design, and formatting for print or e-book. The publishing package can also be separated into a la carte services.

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We believe storytelling is the common thread that holds humans together. It allows us to express what is important to us, empathize with one another, share our creativity, and give shape to our experiences. Our collaborative team will help bring your story to the page, polish your words, and transform them into a book you are proud to send into the world. Your writing is our passion. 



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