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About Us

We are a team of collaborative freelancers who pool our skills and talents to serve clients through writing, editing, and book publishing. We believe the client should pay for services, not overhead costs. Each person on our team is passionate about the power of words, sentences, paragraphs, and manuscripts to communicate ideas. We want to send quality writing into the world, so we work together to make your project the best it can be. 

Our writing, editing, graphic design, book formatting, and consulting skills give you the confidence that your project will be in good hands. It is important to us that we stay in close communication with clients every step of the way. Our fees are transparent, and our process is clearly outlined for you before we begin your project. Because your project is important to you, gaining and keeping your trust is important to us.

hands typing on a laptop computer, with a glass of water nearby

Meet The Team

black and white photo Lisa Tresch, writer and editor with fence background

Lisa Tresch

Lisa is a writer, editor and consultant who has worked with authors to bring their books from conception to publication. She has a degree in journalism and has also been a magazine editor and newspaper reporter. Lisa has written and published two memoirs. 

Black and white photo of Megan Morrow, graphic designer against a brick wall, smiling.

Megan Morrow

Megan Morrow is a graphic designer and creative arts professional. She specializes in book cover design and interior formatting for authors. Megan has a degree in Digital Media Arts.

Black and white photo of editor, Kate Edmonson, leaning against a brick wall, smiling.

Kate Edmonson

Kate is an experienced editor, proofreader, and English teacher with an MFA in Literature. She is an avid reader with an eye for detail - from manuscript construction to the misplaced comma. 

Black and white photo of formatter and website designer Juli Armour.

Juli Armour

Juli's skills are in website and graphic design. She helps authors create an online presence, and handles the technical aspects of ePub conversion and distribution. She has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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