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Manuscript Consultation

A manuscript evaluation is a high-level analysis of your manuscript through multiple lenses: structure, story, and mechanics. You will receive a manuscript evaluation letter (up to 10 pages). Light markups may be included. The evaluation letter is an overview of what works and what doesn't. Your report will include strengths, as well as problems with concept, structure, style, and presentation. It also includes suggestions for fixes and next-step recommendations, including editorial recommendations.  

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing goes deep and takes significantly more hours than a manuscript evaluation. Your editor will make hundreds of comments, rewrite lines or paragraphs, pose lots of questions, and looks for areas in the manuscript where the author needs to go deeper. There are many facets to a developmental edit, with the goal often to take apart and piece back together your work. You will work on an agreed-upon deadline that meets your publishing goals. 

Copy Editing

Your project will be edited line by line for clarity, tone, flow and focus. We also look for problems such as passive voice, run-on sentences, cliches, spelling, grammar, and awkward wording. If the manuscript includes citations and quotes, we check these as well. 


This is the last look before a project goes to print. This editing process will check for typos, dropped words, repetition, and formatting. The proof process will involve two editors who will complete this last check before the final manuscript goes to print. We also use this same process for author's copy print books 


Editing Services are for books, essays, professional documents and digital material. Because every project is unique, cost will be determined after an initial, free reading of your content. For book manuscripts, we offer a free sample edit. 

Contact us with questions, to request a free reading of your project, or an estimate.